Sunday, August 12, 2007

more on an old friend found

as I noted in this entry I found my old alinco dj c1 radio a tiny 2meter radio I was a prize I found when Gordon West was the featured speaker at the SVRC in springfield Ill back when I was VP it was a door prize presuming for Gordo promoting alinco products or some such arrnagement

well I gave it a cahrge and tried it out up in calumet today on 315 repeater which is operating without a pl tone and it work the range still sucks but what does one expect of something that size (BTW should someone know of a pic of the radio Id be glad of them droping me a coment with that info) just seeing brings back interesting memeries of those days the VP of the SVRC is charged with a finding a program for each meeting except our anual meeting with somone else secored Gordo as a speaker was an interesting show as I recall he had manged to chatch on tape a few of our senoir memeber well making mistakes on HF (not rules violation but suchthing as the wrong ssb and a realy worky sounding CW trans from K0HMO as I recall, and amzingly even had a bi t of ME on 6SSB on one the few times I caught a realy good band opening

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